Our challenging curriculum guides students to achieve their God-given potential and prepares them for a life of leadership and service to their communities and to the Lord.

Spiritual Life
Inward : Grow

Annual School Verse & Theme

Each year the Spiritual Life Committee selects a school-wide scripture verse and theme. This theme is meditated on throughout the year during chapel messages and other opportunities as they arise.

Bible Classes

Bible classes are an integral piece of the curriculum at all grade levels with attention and age-appropriate personal application and Scripture memorization.


Elementary Chapel

K4 through fifth grade meet weekly in a dynamic time of worship and life applicable Bible lessons. These lessons are led by guests and friends of New Covenant. School families are welcome to join us in this worship service each week!

MS/HS Chapel

6th grade through 12th grade meets weekly for a time of worship and themed Bible studies. Once a month they meet as a whole group. The remaining weeks, the students break out into themed Bible studies that encompass a wide variety of topics such as:

  • High School Girls – Empowering girls to grow as young women of God and to know how much the Lord loves them. This process involves recognizing lies of the enemy and replacing it with the truth of God’s Word!
  • High School BoysKnights of the 21st Century material is unique as it uses a knighthood metaphor grounded in Biblical principles that calls men to nobility in their thoughts and actions. To learn more, visit
  • Korean Bible Study – Led by a local Korean pastor, this session allows our Korean students an opportunity to study the word in their native tongue.
  • Christianity in Our World Discussion Group – A Bible study focusing on current events and issues affecting our students as they approach adulthood.
  • Learning to Worship – Students come together in a time of devotion and Bible study. We aim to have a personal, authentic, vertical worship

All School Chapel

These special chapels give all students, staff and faculty the opportunity to worship our great God together as one voice! Families are always welcome and encouraged to join us during this blessed time.

Spiritual Life Class

This Bible-based, faith-discussion style class is taught by Mr. Scheirer (Student Pastor) to give Middle School students an opportunity to grow as a class as well as individuals. This is a non-graded class which includes activities and discussions on team-development, leadership development, school and culturally relevant topics, and more. It is also a class where students get opportunity to pray for one-another, family, school etc.