Our challenging curriculum guides students to achieve their God-given potential and prepares them for a life of leadership and service to their communities and to the Lord.

Leadership Development

Impact for Christ

New Covenant’s mission includes nurturing our students to grow into effective Christian leaders and impact our local community and the world beyond for Christ. Throughout the grade levels, teachers proactively look for ways to incorporate leadership principles in their everyday teaching. Faculty engage students in current events through age-appropriate discussions with a Christian lens.

L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Initiative

This Elementary initiative was developed to acknowledge students for displaying these seven principles of leadership behavior.

  • Listen
  • Encourage
  • Achieve
  • be Determined
  • pursue Excellence
  • show Respect
  • be Safe

Students receive positive feedback and may earn LEAD tickets when they are caught displaying exceptional behavior that exemplifies one of these expectations. We believe that by positively encouraging students to practice good behavior, we will build a school community that is conducive for success and growth of God’s kingdom!

Student Council

Student-elected class officers represent not only their respective class, but also join adjacent class officers to form the Middle School and High School Student Councils. Students learn leadership skills and processes through participation in student government under the guidance of faculty advisers. Our student councils build school spirit, plan activities, class fundraisers, mission trips and community service, and class officers serve as student liaisons to their classmates and to school administration.