Our challenging curriculum guides students to achieve their God-given potential and prepares them for a life of leadership and service to their communities and to the Lord.

Academic Support Solutions

Because New Covenant recognizes that students have diverse learning styles and needs, we offer an array of learning support solutions to ensure each student reaches his or her full potential. In the classroom, teachers provide differentiated instruction and, beginning in grade 6, math class placement is based on a student’s skills. A student with math or reading skill gaps may qualify for support with our IU13 reading and math support teacher with a goal to remediate identified skill deficits through targeted, small-group instruction which supplements core instruction delivered in the regular classroom. Our Student Support Team brings together teachers, parents, IU13 support staff, and administration to collaboratively support students with academic and/or behavioral struggles. We also offer special education services through our Supplemental Services Department for those students whose needs can be met by our special education professionals.

IU13 Support Services

IU13 provides students in Lancaster and Lebanon county non-public schools with direct supplemental instruction for students in reading and math. It also provides coaching and professional development for classroom teachers. IU13 services are funded through state and federal revenue streams; no additional fees are required for students receiving those services.

IU13 Reading/Math

This supplemental instruction usually involves one-on-one or small group learning with IU13 reading/math instructors within the IU13 classrooms. Sometimes, the instructor works within the classroom with the classroom teacher in addition to providing the pull-out or one-on-one instruction.

IU13 Speech/Language

Act 89 Speech and Language Support Services provide assessment and treatment for delays in a student’s ability to communicate within the educational setting. Assessment and treatment may include the following areas:

  • articulation of speech sounds
  • stuttering
  • voice
  • language and communication difficulties

The speech language therapist may serve students directly or work with educators and families to address communication and language needs.

IU13 Counselors

IU13’s Elementary and Secondary school counselors are educational specialists who support students in academic, social, and career domains. They are also involved with developmental programs, college planning, and crisis intervention. The counselor works as part of a team with teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and others involved. Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, and in classroom settings.

Supplemental Services

The Supplemental Services program exists to provide support and solutions for students that will complement classroom learning, providing appropriate instruction that enables each student to work toward their full potential to the glory of God. We accomplish this by assisting the classroom teacher, assessing the special needs of each student, and developing the most appropriate solutions suited to each student’s needs. Qualifying students will have had a psycho-educational evaluation identifying them as eligible for either special education services under IDEA law or a 504 plan.

Students at New Covenant who qualify for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), as they are called in public schools, receive a Customized Learning Plan (CLP) that provides both accommodations and modifications to ensure they are successful and reaching their full potential through specially designed instruction. The level of support provided to students varies based upon individual needs. Some students take all coursework in the regular education classroom and receive only academic support. Other students receive reading, writing, and/or math instruction in a small group or one-on-one setting with a certified Learning Support teacher in the Supplemental Services classrooms, as well as academic support for their regular education coursework. New Covenant does not offer a full-time learning support placement option.

Students who have a 504 plan from a public school may receive a Modified Support Plan (MSP) to accommodate their needs and help them become successful. This typically includes organizational assistance and academic support.

Supplemental Service Fees

All Supplemental Service Fees are in addition to the regular tuition amounts required.
Level of Support Detail of Support Number of Classes Fee
Level 1
Elementary Academic Support
Level 2
MS/HS Academic Support
Level 3
Hybrid Class + Level 1 or Level 2 Support
1 class
Level 4
Hybrid Class + Level 1 or Level 2 Support
2 classes
Level 5
Customized Class + Level 1 or Level 2 Support
1 class
Level 6
1 Hybrid Class + 1 Customized Class + Level 1 or Level 2 Support
2 classes
Level 7
Customized Class + Level 1 or Level 2 Support
2 classes

* A Hybrid Class is regular classroom instruction with push-in services (with a designated learning support teacher) for differentiated instruction as needed.
* A Customized Class is direct and explicit pull-out instruction at a student’s level and pace as outlined in their customized learning plan.