Emergency Response

Student/Parent Handbook Policy

New Covenant has several Staff and Faculty that serve on a Safety Task Force
Committee that have been trained and meet regularly to address various potential
emergency situations. This information is then shared throughout the school, as
appropriate, during in-services, meetings and drills to ensure that all students, teachers
and staff are aware of emergency procedures and prepared for real-life emergencies.
Each classroom is also equipped with an “Emergency Response Kit,” which will include a
student roster and attendance sheet, emergency contact information and first-aid /
preparedness items.

Medical Emergency:

New Covenant has at least one-full time team member trained and certified in
CPR/first-aid in the building during normal school hours to handle any medical
emergencies that might arise. There are procedures in place for team members to
follow. Medical emergency procedures are reviewed at least once per school year,
and certifications are kept current.

Fire Procedures:

The school will announce and “test” the fire alarm signal at the beginning of each 
school year so that K4 and new students can be introduced to this sound and the K4 class 
will have an age-appropriate explanation about fire alarms and what is expected during a fire drill.

Fire alarm drills (both announced and unannounced) will be practiced six (6) times during the school year.
A copy of the fire drill procedure and exit plan is posted in each room within the building.
Teachers and students should be made familiar with each exit route.

Staff and Faculty will be responsible for taking rosters and parent contact information to ensure that all 
students are out of the building. In the event of a real emergency, parents will be contacted, as necessary.

Tornado/High Winds:

In case of severe weather involving tornado/high winds, everyone within the building will
go to the downstairs hallway. Parents should be aware that loss of electric or phones are
likely during inclement weather. The students will be safe in the basement and contact
with parents will be made immediately upon return of power, etc.

Flooding/Bomb Threat:

In case of water or flooding in the building, everyone will evacuate the building according
to the Emergency Weather Procedures. Based on the outside weather, instructions will
be given as to which meeting location will be used (Meeting Point, Evacuation Point or Rally
Point at Living Waters Chapel on Jay Street). Teachers will take their attendance sheet,
parent contact list and cell phone, as appropriate.

Intruder Alert Procedures:

While multiple strategies increase survival rates, the best option is to ESCAPE! New
Covenant will continually train staff, faculty and students about situational awareness
and practice both an Evacuation Strategy and a Lockdown Strategy with staff, faculty
and students each school year. As with any type of emergencies, parents will be
notified, as necessary, when to meet at the Rally Point (which is Living Waters Chapel
on Jay Street).

Parents will be notified before either strategy of this particular drill is exercised with
students during the school year.


Administrative Parent Letter: Emergency Procedures

Emergency Response Plan