Professional Ethics & Expectations

  • Professional behavior as described by administration is an expectation. Although we encourage the first name basis among staff members, all team members are to be addressed by title by the students.
  • Punctuality is expected for all faculty/staff meetings, scheduled conferences, and devotions.
  • Leaving the school campus during recess or free periods is permitted only with the approval of the Principal. Requests to leave campus shall be given to the Director of Academic Services 24 hours in advance unless the situation is an emergency.
  • Concerns regarding parents, students, or team members will be shared in a professional, loving, and Biblical manner. If you discuss a concern with a fellow staff member, please do so in a private place and in a confidential manner, with the intent to help solve a concern. Gossip is considered a violation of professional ethics, Biblical principles and contrary to the Christian lifestyle (Romans 1:29-32).
  • Notify the Director of Academic Services or Administrator if a conflict with a member of the New Covenant community is not resolved within 48 hours. A copy of all emails or written correspondence related to behavioral or academic issues that are sent to parents must be shared with the Director of Academic Services and Principal.
  • Discussion of personal compensation is considered to be unprofessional.


Employees may have employment in addition to their roles at New Covenant. However, employment at New Covenant is expected to be the team members’ first priority. Responsibilities at other work sites are never as acceptable excuse for failure to meet commitments at New Covenant.