Fine Arts

The Fine Arts programs at New Covenant are designed to be interactive and fun in order to stimulate interest, talent, and a lifelong appreciation for God’s creative design and artistry. Opportunities for music, art, drama, and other creative experiences are available to students in all grades where they learn fundamentals and explore personal expression.

Music Education
Students in K – 8th grade meet once per week in a structured music class. The elementary grades focus on learning the fundamentals including playing the recorder in 4th and 5th grade classes. Students learn notation and how to create music. Preparing for a winter musical program each year allows elementary  students the opportunity to work as a team as well as leadership opportunities for some of the older elementary students who take the lead in dramatic roles for the program.

6th-8th grade classes spend time reviewing fundamentals and putting them into practice with music composition and the basics of guitar and piano. Understanding the history of music, cultural differences, and their impact on various types of music are all explored in the middle school grades.

Middle and High School Choirs
Choir is offered as an elective for students interested in honoring God through a choral experience. Students work on pieces that involve the need for team work and effort.  Each year, students present a Christmas and spring concert.

Middle and high school students trained on band instruments are invited to join the band.  Playing with the band promotes team work and benefits success in other subject areas as well.  Each year the band performs during the Christmas and spring concert.

Art Education
Students in K – 8th grade meet once per week in a structured art class. The elementary grades focus on learning the basics through a variety of projects and enjoy plenty of opportunities for self expression through various art modalities. In addition to a review of the basics each year, older grades work through more complicated art projects that span several sessions and are exposed to art history, art in different cultures, and the development of Christian art throughout the ages. All grades experience the integration of Christian faith with art through structured experiences designed to connect our values and faith with the arts. Art work is often placed on display at various times throughout the year.

Art Electives 
All 9 – 12th grade students are given the opportunity to select participation in an Art elective class once per week. Students enjoy the exploration of various art forms with emphasis on self expression and the creation of art. Projects typically span several sessions and are designed to teach the various steps for a leader to accomplish a goal.

Specialized Drawing Electives  Grade 6-12
Depending on a student’s schedule, there is potential to enjoy specialized drawing classes designed for both middle and high school students. These classes explore the fundamentals of drawing, two-dimensional art, and perspective drawing.

Dramatic Arts
New Covenant produces a school play/musical in early spring that a variety of grade levels can participate in. After-school rehearsals take place, sets are designed, and the dramatic presentation is usually performed two evenings over a weekend. Emphasis is placed on the production having positive spiritual and values based content and is seen as another opportunity for New Covenant arts programs to honor God in a ministry format.