New Covenant has an academic tool called Schoology and you can learn all about it at

This new tool is essentially a learning management system that students and teachers in grades 5-12 will use together  to help improve and streamline the learning process. It will also help parents find important information about what their child is doing and be able to see curriculum information, upcoming tests, etc.

Key Points:

Easy login for students where they can access all the their courses and look for upcoming assignments, tests, and homework.

Homework and assignment electronic drop box.  A student can type a paper and literally hand it in electronically.

Teachers can post videos, reading assignments, and other documents, and students can access them and work ahead to get the job done.

Parents can login and see what student’s homework is, instructions for the assignment, access the syllabus, and find out other important information about upcoming assignments and tests.

Students and parents can receive texts which tell them of changes to the curriculum, test dates being moved, etc.

Please check out the Schoology website to find out more.

Students and parents can sign in here.