Schoology is an online learning system that students and teachers use to help improve and streamline the learning process. It also provides parents with important information about curriculum information, upcoming tests, etc.

Schoology incorporates the best of modern interfaces so it’s easy to learn and access relevant information on any device. Schoology works on any iOS, Android, or Kindle device.

Key Points:

  • Easy login for students where they can access all the their courses and look for upcoming assignments, tests, and homework
  • Students can type a paper and hand it in electronically with a homework and assignment electronic drop box
  • Teachers can post videos, reading assignments, and other documents, allowing students to access and work ahead
  • Parents can login to see homework, assignment instructions, class syllabus, and other important information from the teacher
  • Students and parents can receive text messages which notify them of changes to the curriculum or rescheduled test dates

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