How to Give

We are moving forward in faith and are expectant of the work God will do through New Covenant Christian School. The projects we have planned for the improvement of our current building and creation of new facilities are an exciting undertaking to the school. Only through generosity and prayer over sacrificial commitment will we be able to meet our objectives.

Phase One of our capital campaign is projected to cost $1.6 million and will include (1) the renovations to improve our current facility and (2) building the basic structure of the new Student Life Center, including the gymnasium. Phase Two will add classrooms, athletic support areas (i.e. locker rooms, etc.), and additional storage, taking the cumulative projected cost to $2.5 million. While this seems like a large amount, participation by all members of the school family will not only make this goal attainable, but surpass-able!

“Faith Promises” are practical gift plans to pledge an allotted amount to the Building Plan. However, it is important to remember to think outside the box! There are countless other ideas for creative giving, such as:


Giving Guide to Help You Make Your Faith Promise


NOTE: In making a faith promise you are only committing to make these gifts as God provides resources to you. It is understood that your gift may change if your circumstances change. If necessary, contact the school at 717-274-2423.