Supplemental Services

The Supplemental Services Office exists to provide support and intervention for students that will complement classroom learning, providing appropriate instruction that enables each student to work toward their full potential to the glory of God. We accomplish this by assisting the classroom teacher, assessing the special needs of each student, and developing the most appropriate intervention suited to each student’s needs. Qualifying students will have had a psycho-educational evaluation identifying them as eligible for either special education services under IDEA law or a 504 plan.

Students who have IEP’s ( Individualized Education Plans, as they are called in public schools) or ISP’s ( Individualized Support Plans, as we call them here at NCCS) receive accommodations and modifications to ensure they are successful and reaching their full potential. The level of support provided to students varies based upon individual needs. Some students take all coursework in the regular education classroom and receive only academic support. Other students receive reading, writing, and/or math instruction in a small group or one-on-one setting with a certified Learning Support teacher in the Supplemental Services classrooms, as well as academic support for their regular education coursework. New Covenant does not offer a full-time learning support placement option.

Students who have a 504 plan from a public school may receive a Modified Support Plan (MSP) to accommodate their needs and help them become successful. This typically includes organizational assistance and academic support.