Online Studies Guidelines

Part-time (Supplemental) Online Studies for Full-time New Covenant Christian School Students

  1. PIAA eligibility: All student athletes participating in interscholastic athletics at New Covenant are required to meet the academic standards established by New Covenant as well as the PIAA.  At New Covenant, a student athlete will be eligible for participation on an athletic team if he or she meets school enrollment requirements and meets the academic and attendance standards of New Covenant and the PIAA.  Students must be enrolled in six (6) credits and pass four (4) to be considered full-time and eligible to participate.
  2. Fully enrolled New Covenant students can take online high school credit courses. These courses will be listed in the NC Online section of our website and will require additional costs and administrator approval. Courses offered are designed to supplement on campus course offerings. They will not be offered as replacement courses or alternatives to courses taught on campus.
  1. Students with irresolvable scheduling conflicts may be eligible to take courses in lieu of similar course offerings on campus. Students will be required to pay all costs associated with NC Online coursework.
  2. Coursework must be completed during the assigned semester or year. Students will develop a pace chart with the instructor to ensure coursework is completed in a timely manner.
  3. There are prerequisites for some courses. Information regarding prerequisites can be found at
  4. Some courses require supplementary materials. Costs for all supplementary materials are the responsibility of the student. View demo courses for information regarding supplementary materials for specific courses.
  5. Online coursework requires students to be responsible to complete assignments and stay current in their course. Failure to complete assignments according to the course schedule will result in grade deficiencies and/or failing the course. The numerical grade of an online course will be converted to a letter grade based on New Covenant’s grading scale.
  6. Online coursework is rigorous and requires diligence. Students may work on coursework during study halls or from home. Although students and courses differ, most students can plan to spend a minimum of 4 to 5 hours each week on coursework.
  7. Students who drop a course after the first marking period will have the course recorded on their transcript as withdrawn. No credit is given for dropped courses.
  8. The process for taking an online course includes:
    • Review NC Online information found on the New Covenant Christian School website.
    • Meet with the Director of Academic Services to discuss online course options.
    • Complete an online course registration form or online dual credit registration form (requires Director of Academic Services and parent signatures).
    • Submit payment along with completed registration form to the school office.