Dual Credit

Dual credit is a way for students to receive credit from two separate institutions in a single enrollment. For many students, this is a convenient way to earn early, affordable college credit. Advanced students looking for a challenge and an equally satisfying reward should consider enrolling in dual credit courses. The curriculum involves rigorous, college level work.
Am I ready for a dual credit course? Dual credit coursework is rigorous and is delivered in an online learning platform. Please take the Online Learner Assessment, then scroll down the page and review the “Top Ten Skills for Online Learning”. Finally, review the “3 Keys to Success” for online learners. Are you ready? If you wish to move ahead in the dual credit course enrollment process, please contact Mrs. Snyder.

Complete listing of dual credit courses

Dual Credit Guide
List of participating Christian colleges/universities* offering dual credit courses through Sevenstar:

  • Boyce College
  • Davis College
  • God’s Bible School
  • Grand Canyon University
  • The King’s College
  • Taylor University

*Allowing students to receive New Covenant Christian School credit for dual credit courses through these institutions does not indicate the school’s endorsement of an institution’s doctrine, policies, or affiliations. Parents/guardians are asked to thoroughly investigate an institution prior to granting their student permission to enroll in a dual credit course. Information about these institutions can be found at Sevenstar.

How much does a dual credit course cost? The cost for a dual credit course varies based on the college/university and the number of credits. Contact Mrs. Snyder for costs associated with a particular course.

Will I need to purchase supplementary materials for my course?Dual Credit (college) courses also require text, e-text and/or possibly lab-related materials/fees. You can learn more details as you browse course descriptions for each course (organized by college/university). Specifics about materials required for each course will be shared during the admissions process.

How will I receive a grade? Your final course grade will be given by your course’s instructor. This grade will appear on your New Covenant Christian School transcript and receive a grade in Gradelink only after completion of the course. Dual credit courses will be weighted and factored into your GPA.

How much high school credit will I receive for a course? For each 3 or 4 credit college course successfully completed, you will receive one-half credit on your high school transcript.

Are the credits earned accepted by other colleges/universities? Each college/university has their own policy for accepting transfer credits. Please check with the college/university to which you wish to transfer credits to inquire whether or not the credits for a specific dual credit course are transferable to that institution. It is recommended that students check with their prospective college’s registrar offices about the rules for transferring credits BEFORE they take a dual credit class.

Are there refunds if I withdraw from a dual credit course? There are no refunds at any time for dual credit courses, so withdrawal should be avoided by prevention whenever possible. Course materials and other fees are nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

How do I enroll in a dual credit course? Complete the Dual Credit Course Enrollment Form and submit to Mrs. Snyder, along with full payment. You cannot enroll directly online. Any additional information, paperwork, or assessments needed for the college/course selected will then be provided by the college/university. Please note that some institutions have open enrollment, allowing you to enroll at any time (such as Taylor University), while other institutions limit enrollment to specific dates (such as The King’s College).

How long do I have to complete the course? Course length varies depending on the institution and course selected. In some cases, a course extension may be available for an additional fee.

How should I obtain a transcript after finishing the course(s)? Follow the process for the college/university from which you earned the credits in order to obtain an official college/university transcript. There may be a cost involved. The course will automatically appear on your official New Covenant transcript.