IU13 Counseling

IU13’s elementary and secondary school counselors are educational specialists who support students in academic, social, and career domains. They are also involved with developmental programs, college planning, and crisis intervention. The counselor works as part of a team with teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and other stakeholders. Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, and in classroom settings.


College Application Process Timeline

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

9th Grade
  1. Develop good organizational and study skills.
  2. Explore your interests and possible careers.
  1. Stay on track with your courses.
  2. Begin your college search.
  3. Make your summer count with a part-time job or community service.
10th Grade
  1. Take the PSAT in October.
  2. Join extracurricular activities.
  3. Continue your college search.
  1. Maintain or improve your grades.
  2. Plan to work or volunteer during the summer months.

11th Grade

  1. Take the PSAT in October.
  2. Make a college list.
  3. Develop a testing plan and prepare for the ACT or SAT.
  1. Take the ACT or SAT at least once during the spring semester.
  2. Start visiting colleges.
  3. Apply for summer jobs or internships.

12th Grade

  1. Get organized and pay attention to deadlines.
  2. Continue to visit colleges.
  3. Finalize your college list.
  4. Retake the ACT or SAT if necessary.
  5. Complete college applications.
  6. Ask for letters of recommendation.
  7. Complete the FAFSA for financial aid.
  1. Compare financial aid packages.
  2. Make your final college decision.
  3. Complete enrollment information for the college you will attend.